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Alpha Modus covers a variety of inventory management and advertising features, including the presentation and display of relevant and targeted advertising that is based on customer shopping habits, foot traffic, or other criteria.

Individuals are Being Mined for Metadata

Individuals are being mined for metadata on a frequent basis.

In today’s world we as individuals are being mined for metadata on a frequent basis.

Whether you are at home, in your car, or out in public, our consumer behavior is being harvested and catalogued by things like age, gender and sentiment.This metadata is used to create laser precision digital ads campaigns empowering retailers and brands with the ability to market to individual shoppers in a highly effective manner.

Capturing Consumer Impressions

Capturing a consumer’s impression the first time they interact with a product is critical for brands and marketers.

But brands and marketers are seldom present for a consumer’s first interaction with that product or service.

Did the consumer like the look of the product? The packaging? Or the informational content of the packaging? Was the display effective or did it leave the consumer confused?

Using sensors and AI technology, Brands can be present for that key moment. Brands should have direct access to who is interacting with their products throughout the purchase cycle, insight into why that consumer is interacting and that consumers emotions throughout that entire cycle.

With targeted digital marketing, there are no coincidences

Ever wonder how things just seem so coincidental when you need to buy a gift, make a purchase or in need of a service?

With targeted digital marketing, there are no coincidences.

Under patented processes Alpha Modus can bring retailers and brands valuable insight while providing consumers with a positive shopping experience from targeted digital ad generation to the point of sale.

Managing Retail Supply Chains

Manage retail supply chain to give customers the best interactions with your products.

In today’s world, managing retail supply chain can be a challenge.

But brands need retailers to be there for their customers throughout the shopper’s experience. Now more than ever brands need to depend on retailers and supply chain partners to make sure they give customers the best interaction with their products.

Using smart devices and AI technology, retailers and supply chain partners can be alerted the moment a product is removed from its display to ensure that product gets restocked before a sale is lost.

Maximize Advertising

Maximize advertising by getting the right ads in front of the right people at the right time.

Alpha Modus can create AI driven targeted marketing efforts by curating real time consumer meta data.

Generate targeted ads through multiple channels such as on digital displays at checkout or through mobile devices to generate promotions or other product and purchase information. Tailor ads to individual shoppers based on unlimited demographics such as age, gender, location or sentiment.

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