Alpha Modus

Alpha Modus engages in creating, developing and licensing data driven technologies to enhance consumers in-store digital experience at the point of decision.  The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

Since its launch, Alpha Modus has kept to it’s corporate mission by solving pain-points through actionable insights found in unstructured data. 

Alpha Modus intends to change the way brick and mortar businesses serve consumers through a robust portfolio of patents.

Analyze Consumer Behavior

Analyzing consumer purchasing behavior in real-time. When it matters most.

Enhance The Consumers Experience

Through MAC address tracking, user eye tracking, object identification of goods on shelves, engage consumers with interactive output displays throughout brick and mortar retail stores.

Manage Inventory and Create Planograms

Through consumer engagement and product tracking, manage inventory better and take advantage of in-store real estate by creating smart planograms.

Monetize Digital Resources

Drive sales via engaging digital customer experiences at the consumers key moment of truth. At the point of sale.

IBM 2016 Beacon Award Recipient

Alpha Modus was recognized by IBM in 2016 as an “IBM born on the cloud, start-up of the century”.