Industry Solutions

Alpha Modus understands the language of your industry and can custom tailor solutions for your specific needs as well as offer opportunities to extract meaningful insights you didn’t know were there. Alpha Modus leverages predictive analytics in big data to identify and deliver opportunities that you couldn’t see before. Whether you are in health care or energy storage, all industries have one thing in common, too much information and not enough actionable business intelligence.

Minimize Costs Normally Associated with Digital Transformation

Alpha Modus offers software and infrastructure as a service with an aim to minimize impact costs associated with digital transformation while focusing on delivering higher risk adjusted returns for their investors.

Reduce Operating Expenses & Increase Performance

Turn-key systematic strategies and execution algorithms designed to reduce operating expenses and increase performance.



Alpha Modus empowers the financial industry by leveraging predictive analytics in big data to identify and deliver investment opportunities.


Breakthroughs in genomics have compounded the amounts of data available creating many challenges to the bio-tech industry. Alpha Modus can help extract more insight and deliver faster results.

Electric Vehicles

Improve performance, increase revenues, by extracting insight into the efficiency, safety, product durability, climate, grid capacity, and more of electric vehicles.


Underwriting, Credit, Market Segment Risk are just a few of the applications where Alpha Modus can provide insight to maximize revenues, enhance data accuracy, and minimize costs.

Health Care

Alpha Modus can make life easier and more profitable for health care providers, COX compliance, sorting structured and unstructured data in a uniform workflow, discovering ways to develop new products.

Energy Storage

Alpha Modus can provide advanced analytics, and advisory services regarding the benefits and deployments of Energy Storage Systems on the grid.

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