About Alpha Modus

Alpha Modus was launched in 2014 with the purpose of creating algorithmic trading models using advanced analytics utilities to better predict the financial markets. The initial Alpha Modus financial solution extracted insights hidden within unstructured data to create investment strategies with a purpose of capturing higher risk adjusted returns on investment portfolios. Alpha Modus incorporated IBM Watson into their solution and was awarded the IBM Beacon Award in 2016 for their innovative use of Watson as part of their predictive analytics solution in the financial space.

As a sole Founder William Alessi experienced first hand just how difficult it was to bring a creative concept from its inception all the way through the process of development, 3rd party outsourcing, troubleshooting, legal hurdles, IP protection and other untold obstacles to have a viable application ready for deployment…. Next comes actually monetizing this (or any) asset and protecting the intellectual property that has taken years of blood, sweat and grit to create. Hence the company’s name:

Alpha – Alpha or (α) is a term used in investing to describe an investment strategy’s ability to beat the market, or it’s “edge.”

Modus – “way in which anything is done,” 1640s, from Latin modus (plural modi), literally “a measure, extent, quantity; manner” (see mode (n. 1)). Especially in modus operandi and modus vivendi.

Since its launch, Alpha Modus has kept to it’s corporate mission as defined in it’s name.

William Alessi - Founder & CEO

William Alessi


William Alessi began his career in the financial markets as a proprietary trader in 1997 with his focus on algorithmic modeling. His forward-thinking entrepreneurial leadership skills helped shape Andover Brokerage, one of the fastest growing proprietary trading firms that pioneered the electronic day trading era. Soon after, Andover sold for more than $140 million.

In 2000, Alessi formed Hybrid Titan Management, LLC which has a core focus in public venture capital. Hybrid continues to seek out investments in early stage technology start-ups and data driven ventures. It was through Hybrid that Alessi formed Alpha Modus in 2014 and became its initial seed investor and Founder.


Chris Chumas - Chief Strategy Officer

Chris Chumas


Chris Chumas is responsible for developing Alpha Modus’ sales, product pipeline and go to market strategy. Prior to joining Alpha Modus Chumas managed a multimillion-dollar book of business as an IBM Client Executive in the Carolinas. He has led many projects in the cloud, ERP consulting, analytics, Watson and application development space. He holds a degree in Marketing and Mathematics from Appalachian State University and completed the Executive Leadership Program at Boston University.

Chumas thrives on challenges, particularly those involving disruptive technologies to help clients improve operational inefficiencies and recognize new revenue streams.

Joe Mount - Director

Joe Mount


Joe Mount is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Enterprise Software, Sales, Business Development, Strategic Planning, and Cross-functional Team Leadership.

Joe Mount was a founder of Tabernus Software which was acquired by Blancco Technology Group in 2015.

Jim Vazquez - Director

Jim Vazquez


Jim Vazquez is a Sales Leader at Accenture for Business Process Outsourcing Operations. Jim has over 25 years of experience, primarily focused on operational improvement and large-scale transformation. Results oriented senior-level executive with a consistent track record of building and managing high-performance sales organizations in emerging information technology markets.

Technology solutions include Cognitive Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, and ERP (SAP/Oracle). Focused industries: Industrial, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Travel & Transportation and Media & Entertainment.


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