Alpha Modus Research

Alpha Modus Research is an investment technology venture that uses cognitive imbalance forecasting to find alpha in unstructured data.

The grand mission of Alpha Modus Research is to reprice investment advice. The reason investment advice is so expensive is that it's become incredibility difficult to make well informed investment decisions in a world that creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. There are simply too many factors affecting asset prices for the human mind to process. Many professional investment advisors are not innovating fast enough.

We believe that nobody should pay a professional to throw darts at a board. In fact, investors should only pay for the alpha component of a return. We use cognitive computing to amplify human domain expertise specific to active investment and market structure for the purpose of finding alpha in unstructured data.

We analyze natural language, weather, video, images, corporate filings, earnings calls and news- in real time from thousands of sources- for tone, sentiment and context and combine cognitive factors with non-cognitive factors such as price, volume and supply/demand imbalances to forecast market movements.

Investment management has gone cognitive. Alpha Modus Research is here to guide you through the complexity.