Early Look (Pre-15:45pm) Closing Imbalance API


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Early Look Imbalance API for NYSE Listed Stocks 

Advantage End of Day Supply and Demand Information to Predict The Direction of the Market Into the Close of Trading

The Early Look (14:50PM EST-15:45PM EST) Imbalance API for NYSE Listed Stocks gives traders a competitive edge at the close of trading.  The Early Look Imbalance API captures unstructured imbalance information starting at 14:50PM EST through 15:45PM EST each afternoon.  Brokers situated at various nodes on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange broadcast imbalance information using a proprietary voice recognition based inputting technology that aggregates the data into a single stream, pushes the stream of data to the cloud where it is cleaned and sent out via an API to the front end meter.  The data is captured through a manual voice inputting process so it is delayed.  However, the data is as efficiently and accurately collected and distributed as possible given the various rules and regulations related to the dissemination of these data.

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